TacLace – Great American Outdoors Show 2014

TacLace – Great American Outdoors Show 2014

We had a tremendous trip to Harrisburg, PA for the Great American Outdoors Show February 1st-9th. Nine days of pulling, cinching, and wrapping was a challenge, and for any exhibitor, 9 days is exhausting anyway. Our goal was to feel out the response from the Outdoors community which came back incredibly positive. In short, we found the need for TacLace for Outdoors activities rivals that of the Tactical Community, but for different attributes.  For example, our tactical folks like speed, but that’s not always a necessity when hitting the trail, but security and reliability is.

What did we find? Our usual customer base falls within the tactical community and use primarily closed-eyelet boots (worn by some at the show), but the majority of outdoors or hunting boots use open or hook eyelets at the top of the boot. This is not a new application for a TacLace, but does require a different approach. We learned the best approach from a customer at the show, take a look at the video below. Seems complicated, but after you get one lace caught on the opposite hook, simply rock the laces back and forth and they lace themselves.  Another major concern was that people are CONSTANTLY having to retie their boots.  Something they often just deal with because there are no other options, but they were certainly open to giving this a try.


Appealing Attributes for Outdoors Use:

  • Security. Guys and gals on the trail hate stopping to retie, which is a common occurrence that comes with getting caught on brush, briars, etc. Many were fascinated that TacLace allowed them to keep their laces secure around the top of the boot, nice and tight, and had no dangling laces to snag or come untied. TacLace up once for the day and you’re good to go.

  • Timeliness. Like on the tactical side, folks enjoyed the time savings associated with securing your boots with TacLace. Some enjoyed it because they were elderly or injured, therefore excess time bent over was an ongoing problem at home. They were happy with a quick pull, cinch, and wrap; less time getting ready and more on the go.

  • Reliability. As I mentioned, most boot types used hook or open eyelets. A common issue seen in the outdoors is the laces working a little loose and coming off the eyelets. Using the lacing method above, or the “zig-zag” method, the cord lock on your TacLace will hold that tension in the laces never allowing them to work loose from the eyelets. The redundancy to the cord lock is that when wrapped around your boot, your TacLace further holds the tension after securing the Velcro. The device is designed so that when wrapped around your boot, the Velcro compresses into itself instead of facing pure sheer stress. Essentially, the tighter you wrap it, the better the hold (But wrap to comfort).


Frequent Customers at the Show:

  • Hunters.

  • Occupational folks who wear boots daily at work.  Boots coming untied is a pain people just suck up, but many were open to ending it.

  • Outfitters, U.S. and South African.  L.E.E.K. Hunting and Mountain Preserve is an organization that provides recreational experiences to wounded warriors with limited mobility.  We were able to outfit them with 35 sets, all going to wounded warriors.  Check them out at http://leekpreserve.org/ .

  • Individuals with limited mobility.

  • Youngsters and the elderly alike!

IMG_2261   IMG_2309


Commonly asked questions:

Q: “Does this make you lazy?”

A: “It’s what you do after that determines whether or not you are lazy.” But I prefer, “If tying your boots is considered a baseline for lazy or not, you were probably already lazy.”

Q: “Does it come in different sizes?”

A: “No, it is a one size fits all device. It went through a couple years of iterations before deciding on an ideal length and Velcro pattern to accommodate many circumferences.  The key is the amount of excess lace you have, you need 17 inches.  We include 84 inch laces in the package in case yours are too short.”

Q: “Does it work with hook eyelets?”

A: “Yes, see the video above.”

Q: “How does it hold up when wet?

A: “Getting TacLace wet does not decrease the hold of the device.  Think of a surfboard leash, same concept and constantly wet.  The fibers in the Velcro do not absorb the water.”

Q: “Is it separate from the boot or do you have to buy the boots too?”

A: “Yes, it’s separate from the boot and interchangeable with any part of boots that has laces.”

Q: “What I have zipper boots?”

A: “Try taking those zippers off an putting them on another pair of boots. You can’t, they’re attached. We like to think that TacLace is the solution for all the problems that caused people to switch to zipper boots in the first place.”

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