TacLace | Bates Velocitor

TacLace | Bates Velocitor

TacLace - Coyote TanThe TacLace team obviously wears TacLace on a daily basis on as wide an array of boots as possible.  The internal feedback, combined with that of our customers, keeps our product performing to standard, ideally on any pair of boots.  We have decided to periodically post a review of how well TacLace performs on various types and brands of boots.  This review will cover my newest pair of boots, Bates Velocitors.

TacLacing the Bates Velocitors

As I had imagined, these TacLace up as well as any other.  When doing the first time set up, I did notice the boots have an interesting top 3 eyelets.  They are a molded composite material, but the laces seems to slip well through them and transfer the tension to the bottom four eyelets.

The pull.  The immediate change made was swapping out the laces that come in the boot with those in the TacLace package.  The canvas type laces that come on most boots do not pull well without using your free hand to pull each rung, that’s why it’s best to use round nylon laces or paracord laces when setting up your TacLace.  The size of these boots makes it pretty easy to loosen just the tops to slip your foot in, then Pull, Cinch, and Wrap with no problems.  If you need to loosen all the way down to the toe, you will have to pull extra hard on the TacLace to get the tension all the way down to the toe; the first few times anyway.  The bottom four eyelets have a directional channel, combine that with a cushy tongue and that’s probably the reason for the extra pull; another reason for using the nylon laces.

The Cinch.  This is the same on any set of boots and completely independent of them, so we can just jump over to the wrap.

The Wrap.  The circumference around the top of the Velocitors is just slightly larger than your average combat boot, but smaller than your heavy duty hunting boots.  This made for a nice comfortable wrap with the TacLace and plenty of Velcro surface area to tighten or loosen the tops.  Basically, after the wrap you have some room to spare if you need to take it in a little tighter and you are not running out of real estate.  The Velocitor boots have a slightly angled back, something many customers voice concerns over.  This angle posed no issue with keeping the TacLace from riding up over the back of the boot.  We have yet to actually have the TacLace ride up over the back of a pair of boots, it seems to follow the lip around the top pretty securely.

The Boot | Bates Velocitors

I picked up this pair at Atlantic Tactical in Harrisburg, PA; they run you just under $100.  My intention was for daily wear as the old USMC issued RAT boots had me looking a bit out of place in this jungle they call the private sector.  The Velocitor is an incredibly light boot, and just as comfortable.  The sole that comes in the them feels like a nice pair of PT shoes, or “go fasters” as some of us know them.  As a daily wear, I think these will hold up quite nicely and Bates claims they’re ideal for construction and heavy duty use.  Looking down at the boot, there is an obvious chamfer in the sole of the boot that increases the contact area of your boot with the ground, increasing overall ankle stability, and they do so without looking like a pair of moon shoes.  All in all, I think the boots are great.


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