Paracord Survival Kit With Clip

If you spend time outdoors then you know how important paracord is for preparedness.  You also know how much of a pain it can get to keep it organized and usable.  This is your solution!  Keep the paracord with you at all times, use what you need and weave the rest up until later.  These come with cotton, aluminum foil, alcohol pad, knife blade, fire starter, fishing weights, swivels, hooks, floats, fishing line, and a carabiner..


  • 10 feet of paracord.
  • Nylon core for increased durability.
  • Coyote Tan paracord with black carabiner.
  • Survival kit enclosed.
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Paracord is a must when exploring the outdoors, but storage and usage can be a hassle if not carried properly.  Our paracord kits are an easy solution to keeping your paracord on your person and organized.

Additional Information
Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 x 1.5 x .75 in
Intended Use

Military, Law Enforcement, Hiking, Outdoors, Construction/Work, Football, Basketball, Baseball

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