Is TacLace for Me?

Is TacLace for Me?

A lot of folks face the following hurdle when accepting TacLace:  We have been tying our shoes for centuries, so why switch now?  Yes, TacLace is a disruption to the status quo, but so was the iPhone and now you can’t spit without hitting one…

Another questions is, “I’m not in the military, is it for me?”  The answer is simple, YES!  While TacLace was originally designed with the military in mind, we have found (Very quickly I might add) that it is equally, if not more popular, in the outdoors and occupational communities as well.

So what attributes should I consider when making the switch?  We’d like to answer that question by shedding some light on that by defining the attributes that apply to everyone who wears them:

  • SpeedTacLace - Lineup
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Appearance
  • Fun…
  • Simple

Speed.  This was the primary benefit for our military and tactical folks.  The “need for speed” in the tactical scenario can be life or death and is clearly a more important attribute than the rest, but is it only applicable in this arena?  No, not at all.  In civilian life, we roll out of bed, spend a couple of groggy minutes on our footwear then grab some coffee and out the door we go.  At a moderate pace, I might spend 20 seconds on my boots with TacLace, it doesn’t free up hours of time, but it could be the difference in being late, missing traffic, grabbing the mail, eating breakfast, or kissing your significant other goodbye.  You can decide what you want to do with the extra couple minutes you get back in the mornings.

Comfort.  Some boot wearers like to tuck their laces into the top of their boots to keep them from hanging loose.  TacLace secures those laces inside the band and distributes the load evenly around the outside of your boot.  I remember my days in the Corps, tucking the excess up top and dealing with the indentions they put on my legs after a long day.  Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that now.  I have a set of TacLaces on all 4 sets of boots I wear regularly.  If you’ve ever cinched down on your boots and tied them only to find a couple minutes later that they’re actually TOO tight, then you might appreciate this.  Rather than untie completely, you can just un-wrap the TacLace and wrap just a little more loosely, again saving yourself of excess inconvenience.  How about when it’s cold out and your boots come undone?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you had larger features to just snatch and wrap instead of forcing your cold fingers to do things they’re just not in the mood for?   With TacLace, you do.

Safety.  I know you are familiar with the “shoe lace caught in the escalator” scenario we’ve been warned about since we first put on shoes.  It doesn’t apply when your laces don’t dangle.  This also goes for getting caught on brush, or tripping yourself up.  Keep those laces nice and secure around the top of your ankle, never having to worry about this in the first place.  For many of us, we see: NO LOOSE EQUIPMENT NEAR HEAVY MACHINERY!  You probably see it posted in your workplace, if you work around this sort of equipment.  Sometimes the only thing the separates us from a major accident is chance, minimize where possible!

Appearance.  In most scenarios, you can’t see your TacLaces.  Most wear pants and cover the tops of their boots, but in either case, no danglingTacLace-black-outdoors2 copy laces means they’re not visible!  Appearance is especially important in the military, as appearance is key.  While this was not originally considered in the design, the TacLace gives you a great feature for keeping your trousers neatly bloused around the top of your boot.  Your trousers tuck neatly around your boot band just under the TacLace where it is held a little more firmly.  It also keeps the boot blouse from sliding up your leg in long strides, or when hoisting one leg up on the other knee (You know what I’m talking about).  So non-military folk, what about you?  In short; clean look, no dangling laces, and they match the most popular colors of boots.

Fun?  Yes, believe it or not, changing the way you secure your boots adds a level of excitement about getting them on.  The very method in which you use TacLace is actually pretty cool.  A quick yank on the TacLace followed with a cinch and a wrap sounds like a B rated Kung Fu movie except the sound effects are automatic and not dubbed over.  In addition, and as previously mentioned, we have tied our boots the same way since we first learned how.  Anytime you implement a new process in your life it is surrounded by some level excitement, even when it’s as simple as securing your boots.
Simple.  Pull, cinch, and wrap… Enough said.

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