Our mission is to provide cutting-edge, life-saving solutions to the tactical, outdoors and training enthusiast. - Andrew Williams, CEO

Andrew Williams, TacLace Founder/CEO

Mechanical engineer and veteran of the United States Marine Corps, where he served as a Logistics Officer both home and deployed abroad.

TacLace is a patented shoe lacing device designed by two U.S. Marines, Andrew Williams and Pete Foster, during their deployment to Afghanistan in 2011.

Having to get dressed in a hurry for years, they realized that the most cumbersome part was securing their footwear. A combat deployment shed light on yet another reason why getting your footwear on faster may be important. These could be critical seconds to get to safety, or to get on your feet and ready to act. In either case, make those critical seconds count.

The first prototype for TacLace was made in Afghanistan using parts of their gear and the assistance of a local Afghan sewing master. The product was further developed in the U.S. After 9 iterations of design & testing, TacLace was manufactured and distributed to every Marine Corps Exchange in the world, Amazon, and on this website.

TacLac was developed initially for tactical readiness, but the versatility of TacLace allows its use to be ideal in many walks of life. Whether you are an…

  • outdoor enthusiast,
  • hiker,
  • construction worker,
  • or any one who finds themselves in a pair of boots,

the benefits of TacLace apply to you. Seconds may not matter, but all-day comfort and a clean professional appearance may. TacLace gives you all three.

The width of the band distributes the load of your laces evenly along your legs and keeps them hidden from view. After you set up for the first time, simply pull, cinch, and wrap.

TacLace has received positive feedback from military members and beyond. It’s currently used by Special Operations, Marines, Soldiers and Airmen in Afghanistan, as well as outdoorsmen, athletes, and more.