TacLace is a boot lacing system invented out of necessity.  During a combat deployment, two Marines worked together to develop a device that enabled them to get their boots on “in a hurry.”  They were able to streamline the process in three easy steps:  Pull, cinch, and wrap…

Pull, Cinch, Wrap…

After first time set up, you can secure your boots in three easy steps:  Pull, cinch, and wrap.  Cycle through the steps on the right.


Seconds to lace up


Military branches authorized for wear


times faster than tying

When seconds count, don’t spend them on your laces…

Yeah, we get it, not everyone needs their boots on this fast; but for those who do, time is everything.  Reduce the time it takes to lace up from 90 seconds to only 9 seconds.  Pull, cinch, wrap…  The rest is up to you!

TacLace Tactical.

TacLace Outdoors.



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